Our Vision

Every Child Deserves Love and Safety


Atin Afrika strives to support children living on the streets in Kampala through reintegration into society and sponsoring of their education.

The Atin shelter acts as a bridge between street and home life. The rehabilitation home provides a safe space where the children receive medical and counseling services, educational tools, and are connected with a guardian/caregiver through family visits and counseling.

During the two to six month period the child resides at Atin, he or she will receive loving care, proper meals, clothing, and a bed to sleep in. Social workers will assess their condition and education level. Most importantly the children are given the opportunity to play, and explore extracurricular activities and heal from the trauma of living on the street.

Atin Afrika’s key objectives are as follows:

1. Provide the children in our care shelter, rehabilitation, health services, and education.

2. Ensure the children are able to reside within their families and/or communities through rigorous resettlement and reintegration processes.

3. Provide loving care and support to marginalized street children, emphasizing each child as a unique individual.

4. Offer the children counseling and guidance, while teaching them life skills and self worth.

6. Lobby and network with developmental partners locally, nationally, and internationally to support the growth of effective programs serving the overwhelming needs of street children.

8. Promote and advocate for awareness of the dangers of street life among all children living on the streets.

9. Provide coping and prevention strategies regarding drug use to rehabilitated and street residing children