Programs Carried Out in 2019

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Giving scholastic items to schools

Giving scholastic items to schools

Educational Sponsorship

With great pleasure, we are happy to report that this year we were able to provide 80 boxes of books and other scholastic materials to vulnerable children in rural schools in the areas in which we work. We chose to be generous and not only provide to children within our program but also consider those children in our areas that do not have access to such awesome privileges as our kids. While there, we also had the chance to educate these children about the importance of education, HIV/AIDs awareness and prevention, life on the street, and the importance of education.



workshops and faciliation

Since our center operation was delayed due to government policy change, we have made good use of our new premises. We have used the new premises for offices, workshops and trainings for influencing policy and for running youth empowerment classes. We have also invited the concerned heads of society to our premises to discuss pressing issues concerning street kids. Atin Afrika realized the need to address the factors driving children to the streets. These factors range from peer influence, poverty, negligence by guardians, and lack of basic needs. There are many children moving from rural areas all over the country to urban centers especially within the city and these children are divided into two categories. Those who are forced due to circumstances and those that are persuaded by their own peers who are already living on the streets (often the older street boys). We argued to leaders that using an iron hand to capture and imprison these children by police will not help the situation and urged the government to devise proper mechanisms that will help to handle the situation from a policy perspective. We also advocated for the support of rehabilitation centers.


During the year 2018 we managed to provide medical treatment to 19 children who have suffered from different illnesses such as malaria, fungal infections, cough and colds. We have also continued treatment of those children that need special medical attention such as Isaac. We have also had challenges with medical care, such as Rafael Otero’s deep wound infection on his right leg. This infection has eaten his flesh and gone as far as affecting three-quarters of his bone as well. We are continuing to search for a specialist who can operate in the hope that they won’t have to amputate his leg. The lack of highly-trained specialists in our area is a challenge in these circumstances.

community outreach

EMPOWERING MOTHERS. We have continued to work with our community on income-generating projects. As we mention in last years report, this is a preventive measure that we are introducing to different communities around northern Uganda. So far, we have largely focused on farming and have had great harvest stories from moms such as Apio Mary who comes from Agweng. She proudly thanked us for the resources we gave to them and she managed to harvest 20 bags of sorghum. Testimonies like these are what we continue to work to hear. This food helped her to care for her other kids and as well as providing some basic needs to her family.

In particular, we focused on single widowed mothers. Our professional personnel ensured that they are taught how to best use the seeds and tools that were given to them in order to maximize production and pest control. We ensure they are taught farming skills and as well as sensitizing and creating awareness and dangers of HIV/AIDs. Our main aim here is to provide resources that will help withfarming and crop cultivation as well as supporting theirchildren as well.

Street visits

We continued to conduct weekly visits on the streets to identify, sensitize, counsel and bring awareness of the dangers of being exposed to street life. We also medical care to the children living on the streets. Due to the new policy that every registered organization should acquire a separate foster care certificate, we were not able to admit more children into the center for the rehabilitation process. Nonetheless, we will receive the certificate by March 2019.