Sponsor a Cause

Running a shelter like Atin Afrika has many different aspects. If you’d like your charitable donation to go to a specific need within the foundation, you can choose from a few options here:


Sponsor A Child’s School Fees

Two boys from the street back in school and thriving!

Two boys from the street back in school and thriving!

After a child is reintegrated back into his/her community, their family may not be able to afford the cost of education. Atin Afrika often sponsors the child’s schooling for years. Here you can pay for as little as one term, up to a whole year of a child’s schooling. This includes school uniforms, books, and school supplies. One term at a public school in Uganda costs about $50 USD.  More information →

Provide Medical Care & Supplies


Many children come to us with minor injuries sustained on the streets. Others have much more serious ailments. Often they have turned to substance abuse as a means to deal with the trauma they have incurred. Here you can help provide the medical care they need.  More information →


Provide Learning Materials and Fun Experiences For Our Shelter


Help us fill our home with learning materials and other extracurricular activities for the kids. Lack of access to education is a huge factor that sends kids to the streets. We also provide life skills training and local language and English literacy programs. More information →

Help Us Hire More Staff & Provide Shelter Supplies


Atin Afrika Foundation works hard to provide street children with care from professionals. Many are volunteers. Or change this campaign to something different later  More information →